June 14

It’s Shocking, Just Shocking: Performance Measurement at the Rating Agencies

The SEC has just release for comment (within an aggressive 30 day period), their proposal for improving the process at credit rating agencies (NRSROs). One suggested change is: Require credit rating agencies to publish performance statistics for 1, 3 and 10 years within each rating category, in a way that faciliates comparison with their competitors in.

June 6

The Rising Tide of Credit Risk

Last December, in a blog entry entitled, “Credit Risk: Prepare for What Will Come Next“ we warned of focusing on the ‘headlines’ of sub prime problems without considering “good old fashhioned credit risk”.  We noted: ‘What’s the next shoe to fall in the credit risk arena?’ may not be the correct question.  Perhaps ‘What and.

May 29

“Mark to Market is Just an Implementation Problem”

That’s not our quote, but it was Bob Herz, FASB head who noted this at the recent CFA Institute Annual Conference in  Vancouver, B.C, as he laid out a plan for convergence of FASB and IFRS (international accounting) standards.  There are several areas that need to be addressed before this occurs, and mark to market (now.

April 4

SEC Unveils ‘Cloaking Device’ to Hide Problems

The writers of the sci-fi franchise Star Trek long ago realized the importance of plot devices to keep the viewer interested and make problems more intractable.  Thus, they had the bad guys use a technology that the good guys did not have: a ‘cloaking device’ that would hide the existence of their starships despite being.