March 15

The Greatest Deleveraging in the History of the World

At our recent Insurer Investment Forum VIII, each attendee probably had a few key ideas that they gleaned from the conference.  In my case, one idea came when I was preparing my brief opening remarks, and the other came from listening to Allan Sloan, Fortune Magazine, address us at lunch. The first idea is that we.

February 29

The Month (Year) In Review

According to the old saw, “As January goes, so goes the year.”  Let’s hope that is only partially true this year, as shown in the below statistics. Beginning High Low End % Change (H-L)/Beginning (%) S&P 500 1446.83 1447.16 1310.5 1378.55 -4.7%               9.4% 10 yr Treasury (%) 3.905 3.905 3.435 3.593 -8.0%             12.0% 3 Month.