June 16

Rough Seas Ahead: The Greatest Deleveraging versus Government Stimuli

Today, we revisit From the Northwest Quadrant’s blog entry of September, 2010. Just nine months ago, we noted the following: “The Greatest Deleveraging in the History of the World” continues, only slightly impeded by governmental efforts to borrow against future economic growth (that’s what a loan/bond really is) or coerce/convince others to do so as.

June 11

Why a Greek Default May Be Good for the Markets

OK, now that I have successfully shocked you.  I will attempt to make the case for the benefits of Greece, the cradle of democracy, defaulting.  You see, I think the players in this Greek drama will be forced to don their masks and agree with that proposition sooner or later. First, the downside of a Greek.

March 6

What to Expect at Insurer Investment Forum XI

Every year, SAA hosts the only investment conference of its kind, a place where CEOs, CFOs and CIOs of insurers writing all types of business get together to discuss issues most important to them. In addtion, the conference features some interesting speakers and topics.  This year’s topics are noted below with some links in which.