July 8

Does Your Investment Process Have a Grand Strategy?

Before you say ‘of course’ or ‘yes’ to that question, you might want to take a closer look. Let’s start by taking… A Trip Down TSA Lane A gentleman approaches the TSA security line at a local airport. He places a very cold bottle of water in one of the bins ready to go through.

June 24

Shadow Dancing With the Global Financial System

“Do it light , taking me through the night Shadow dancing , baby you do it right Give me more, drag me across the floor Shadow dancing , all this and nothing more” –      Lyrics by Andy, Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb (aka The Bee Gees) When the brothers Gibb penned this song they undoubtedly.

June 13

Will Your Company Slip On the Investments Banana Skin?

What’s a banana skin got to do with investments?   A lot if you are PwC or the Centre for Study of Financial Innovation. By the way, when did accounting firms like PwC become consulting outfits that happen to audit financials?  I guess, we will leave that question for another day. For now, let’s take a.

May 30

Amazing Stories: What Investment Managers Won’t Tell You

With this being the week of Independence Day, I thought I would exhibit our firm’s independence of thought by sharing a few amazing stories. You see, when an investment manager visits you, they are always careful to look their best because behavioral theory says we tend to trust those who look like and act like.