April 27

Is Putting Investors First the Future of Finance? It Better Be

Recently, the CFA Institute began an important new initiative called the Future of Finance.  It was the result of an important study that the Institute conducted earlier, and that we discussed in this blog back in November, 2013: “Whom Do You Trust? A Brewing Crisis in Investment Management.” Basically, the Future of Finance consists of.

March 24

Insurance Regulators to Add Russian Sanctions?

By Alton Cogert Notice there is a question mark after that headline. “How preposterous!” you might say, “State departments of insurance have no power to practice foreign diplomacy.  Besides, what kind of sanctions could they possible impose on Russia.” Well, with Russia and the West adding to their list of sanctions, don’t be surprised if.

March 18

What Your Investment Reports are Missing

FROM THE NORTHWEST QUADRANT By Alton Cogert Investing for insurers is getting more difficult and more complex all of the time.  We even have to vault over important hurdles to key decisions made by the Investment Committee and the Board. Management guru Peter Drucker probably put it best when he said, “If you can’t measure.