Governmental Risk Pooling

SAA has over a decade of experience working with a number of Government Risk Pooling organizations across the country.

Our intimate knowledge of the unique needs and objectives of Risk Pools, including the multiple constituencies involved, and the specific accounting and regulatory constraints that the pooling community faces, enables us to help Partner Clients leverage the best ideas from across our alliance.

Our large Government Risk Pooling partner-base has also enabled us to develop proprietary peer analysis that can also be useful to all of our pooling partners.

Investment Seminar for Government Risk Pools

Government Risk Pools - Westin Kierland2016 Location Pictured Above: Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

In response to strong interest among risk pools, Strategic Asset Alliance hosts the “Investment Seminar for Government Risk Pools”, an interactive event featuring informative presentations on investment topics and unique challenges. The next Seminar will be held in 2018.

For more information or to request an invitation, please contact Julie Stone.

Complete the form below to view presentations from the 2016 Investment Seminar for Gov’t Risk Pools.

Presentations: Pools Seminar 2016