Insurers Work with Strategic Asset Alliance for
Proven Solutions that Successfully Improve Their Investment Process and Financial Results



Strategic Asset Alliance’s Name
Reflects Our Focus and Responsiveness to Our Clients

Strategic Asset Alliance  
The most important investment decision you will make
Informal Alliance of SAA client insurers focused on improving investment results


How SAA Partners with Insurers to Improve Their Investment Results

Strategic Asset Alliance has different levels of insurers in our alliance, providing various key services, to help your company’s investment goals and objectives.

These relationships include: Partner | “Premier Member” | Member



SAA Partner Relationship

SAA’s consistent, proven approach to adding value and strengthening the investment process for insurance companies. SAA Partner Clients receive SAA’s entire catalog of investment consulting services.

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Services Include:

Strategic Asset Allocation
SAA will review the impact of different allocations in a risk management framework by modeling various asset class combinations.

Investment Policy & Guidelines
SAA will review your policy to ensure it encompasses industry ‘best practices.’

Peer Group Analysis
How have peers structured their investment portfolios?

Investment Manager Evaluation & Selection
Multi-faceted approach, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Portfolio Monitoring
SAA’s process goes beyond simply monitoring what the investment manager does.

Performance Measurement & Analysis
SAA will help you understand the ‘whys’ behind performance.



SAA Premier Member

SAA’s vast investment expertise in the insurance industry has allowed us to develop various online tools to streamline the performance measurement and manager selection processes.

SAA “Premier” Members receive access to these tools, as well as select opportunities to discuss their portfolio with SAA’s Principals.

Services Include:

Performance Measurement & Analysis
SAA, with the aid of our analytical platform InsurerCIO, will provide insurers with in-depth reports of their portfolio, ranging from asset allocation to OTTI.

Peer Group Analysis
SAA will perform a Peer Group Analysis looking at financial results and investment portfolio composition in comparison with selected peer companies.

Investment Manager Evaluation & Selection
Receive access to SAA’s proprietary Manager Select database of managers with fixed-income, insurance specialization. Insurers can utilize Manager Select to curate a list of qualified candidates based on their desired criteria, such as performance or investment process. Insurers that have a manager can instead run comprehensive evaluations against competing firms.

Quarterly Investment Review
InsurerCIO’s Quarterly Investment Review provides each client with an in-depth, quarterly review of their portfolio,
providing a summary of the markets and performance of the insurer’s investments.



SAA Member

On a complimentary basis, insurers can become “SAA Members” to receive several free benefits and insight to help your insurer better understand the financial landscape and improve its investment process.

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Free Benefits and Services Include:

Complimentary Registration to the Insurer Investment Forum
Members can attend the conference with their registration fee waived (The forum is open only to insurers and invited sponsors).

SAA’s Structured Peer Group Analysis
SAA will perform a Peer Group Analysis looking at financial results and investment portfolio composition in comparison with selected peer companies. View sample.

Reports typically reserved for SAA Partner Clients
such as our Quarterly Investment Review or Capital Markets Summary.

InsurerCIO Newsletter
Gathering the most important developments regarding insurers and their investments.

Whitepapers and Reports from Expert Managers
SAA communicates with several expert investment managers to provide you with their latest reports and analysis on issues important to your company.

Direct Updates
You’ll receive instant, direct notifications of important investment updates that may immediately affect your insurers investment portfolio, such as this update on Insurers and Corporate Bonds.