Insurer Investment Forum XVIII Presentations

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How Your Most Important Investment Decision is Changing

We all know that the strategic asset allocation decision determines 90+% of the long run return of your investment portfolio. And, it seems virtually every investment manager and consultant is there to trot out their model and tell you why it is the best guide to making the correct decision. But, it has been said that ‘All models are wrong Some are useful.’ Your manager will tell you its model is useful, but how do you know? What questions should you be asking to better understand those asset allocation recommendations? How can you effectively compare one model to another to determine which is the best for your company’s portfolio?

Dan Smereck,
Managing Director and Principal, Strategic Asset Alliance
John Mohr, Managing Director and Principal, Strategic Asset Alliance
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Quantitative Easing – Past, Present and Future

We’ll offer a retrospective look at quantitative easing, discuss the current state of monetary policy and provide our views on where we go from here. Did the Fed get what they wanted? What have been the impacts on asset valuations? What does the path toward ‘normalization’ look like? Where do we see opportunities along that path?

Vincent Reinhart,
Chief Economist & Investment Strategist, Standish Mellon
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Capital Market Opportunities in a Post Quantitative Easing World

NEAM will share their current investment views, including commentary on portfolio positioning, fixed income sectors, and the possible implications of a reversal in central bank policy.

Sean Conaghan,
Asset Class Specialist – Corporate Bond Group, NEAM
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The Correlation You Don’t Know About Could Crush You
Multi-Asset Strategies in Today’s Environment

Since the implementation of Quantitative Easing and now tightening, multi-asset class strategies have emerged as one of the most popular investment strategies. ClearArc’s CIO will discuss the advantages of these strategies, yet what investors should be mindful of with respect to asset class correlations when investing, as not all multi-asset class strategies are the same.

Dave Withrow,
Chief Investment Officer, ClearArc Capital
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