Investment Policy & Guidelines

Strategic Asset Alliance’s approach to investment policy leads Partner Clients to proactively manage the entire investment process on stronger, less volatile investment income.

At SAA, we review your insurer/pool’s policy to make sure that it encompasses the ‘best practices’ of the industry. This is not a static process, as SAA updates Partner Clients with the latest issues impacting investments and how other insurers/pools are successfully addressing these issues within their policy.

New investment alternatives, changing regulatory and rating agency biases, and changing business conditions mean that, if you have not reviewed your investment policy in the last year, a “best practices” review is in order.

Why a Periodic “Best Practices” Review is Critical

  • Provides peace of mind that the policy is relevant to today’s capital markets and the unique requirements of your insurer/pool.
  • Protects your organization from the managers taking actions that have been a problem in other cases.

SAA’s Key Components of a ‘Best Practices’ Investment Policy

  • Preamble – Who? What? Roles and Responsibilities
  • Investment Return and Management Objectives
  • Asset Allocation and Risk Management Guidelines
  • Investment Performance Evaluation and Reporting
  • Investment Return and Management Objectives
  • Investment Policy and Guidelines Evaluation

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