Peer Group Analysis

Strategic Asset Alliance will perform a Peer Group Analysis looking at financial results and investment portfolio composition in comparison with selected peer companies.

Peer companies are selected based upon them having similar sized portfolios and writing similar lines of business as defined by their annual statements. At your request, we will also perform similar analysis using data from other companies selected by you.

SAA’s Peer Group Analysis is provided to all SAA Clients and InsurerCIO Members (if applicable). You can view a sample analysis here.

Given our work with Governmental Risk Pools, we also provide a peer group analysis for our Pooling clients. You can view a sample here.

The Peer Group Analysis will address:

  • How have peers structured their investment portfolios and how does it compare to what we have done?
  • Are they using strategies, tactics or ideas we should consider?
  • How does their investment structure mesh with their business – can this help us from a competitive perspective?
  • We provide an analysis along a number of important metrics using SAA Engineered Peer Groups that are provided on InsurerCIO:

Peer Group Analysis Summary Yield Comparison
Line of Business Comparison
Maturity Profile
Analysis of Portfolio Mix
Credit Quality

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