Opportunities in Private Securities

Presented by: Jack Maher | Managing Director – Head of Alternatives | HIMCO | jack.maher@himco.com

Today’s search for yield is pushing many investors further out on the risk-return curve – and further away from their comfort zones, especially in light of a market environment that suggests both potential interest rate hikes and greater volatility. One area investors may wish to consider is private asset classes such as private placement debt and commercial real estate mortgage loans. Often less understood than most public debt vehicles, these private securities offer the potential for greater yield and, as they are privately negotiated agreements, potential for greater investor protections. And while these may be private debt securities, they are often the equivalent of investment grade public securities in terms of risk. Private markets do demand greater investor scrutiny and an understanding of liquidity risks, but they may also offer investors another avenue to pursue yield in time-tested asset classes.

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