Presentations from the Insurer Investment Forum XVII

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IIF XVII Presentations

Your Most Important Issues

SAA’s Principals lead a group discussion on your most important issues, as submitted in advance of and during the conference. What are the most important investment issues facing your company and your peers? And how are they being addressed? How does the investment process at other insurers’ differ from your company’s and why?

Structured Securities in a Post-Crisis World

The Great Recession marked a turning point for the structured securities market, wherein transaction weaknesses were exposed and important lessons learned. NEAM discusses how the sector has emerged stronger in many ways, along with the expanding application of securitization technology to novel asset types and proliferation of first-time issuers.

Global Opportunities that Complement US Core Bond Strategies

The municipal bond market has historically been the primary funding source for US infrastructure spending. Standish Mellon discusses how the inclusion of municipal bonds in a fixed income portfolio can improve risk adjusted returns while maintaining credit quality and yield carry.

De-Mystifying Factor Investing

WisdomTree explores different factor premia and sensitivity across various smart-beta approaches. All of the approaches discussed will have different tilts. Different factors outperform (or underperform) in different environments.