SAA periodically hosts webinars covering important strategies, trends and issues impacting insurers and their investment portfolio. Along with an SAA Principal, each webinar includes expert speakers from an investment management firm with insurance specialization. You can find our recent webinars here:

Investment Perspectives from the Insurer Investment Forum XVI

Global central banks are now the movers and shakers of financial markets to an extent never before seen. While the Fed goes in one direction, the central banks in Europe, Japan and China go another. Concerns about growth in the world’s second largest economy, and falling commodity prices, have raised the threat of a slowing global economy in a deflationary environment. Compare and contrast these strategies with the approach utilized at your insurer.

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Bank Loans, Equity Exposures & Risk Taking

Our round-table style webinar discusses key issues facing insurers today as they evaluate their investment process.

Our expert speakers provide an update on Bank Loan Market, as well as cover the strategic case for hedging international equities. This discussion also covers one of the main reasons to consider international equities: the valuations and diversification presented by foreign markets.

SAA reviews its initial research results in answering whether insurers consider non-investment risks when deciding on investment risk taking.

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Investing for Insurers: Review & Preview

This summarized session serves as the starting point for several important discussion points, which are focused on helping you succeed in an increasingly challenging investment environment.

The siege of low rates upon insurer financials continues. How are your peers “bending the curve” of the ongoing decline in portfolio book yield? What risks are being embraced or shunned as insurers continue to reposition their portfolios in this unprecedented financial environment?

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