Insurer Investment Perspective Q&As

SAA periodically speaks with investment managers, ratings agencies and regulators to discuss important strategies, trends and issues impacting insurers and their investment portfolio. You can find our recent Q&As here:

Structured Securities in a Post-Crisis World

As a special addition to the Insurer Investment Forum, we spoke with Forum Speaker Jennifer Quisenberry, NEAM to explain “Structured Securities” and how relative to other fixed income assets, structured securities continue to offer incremental return and portfolio benefits for insurance companies.

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De-Mystifying Factor Investing for Insurers

Chris Gannatti, WisdomTree explains “Factor Investing,” it’s importance and how insurers can gain an advantage. Chris explores different factor premia and sensitivity across various smart-beta approaches. All of the approaches discussed will have different tilts. Different factors outperform (or underperform) in different environments.

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Manage Risks on Both Sides of Insurers’ Balance Sheets

With few reasons to expect interest rates to grow in the near future, including the possibility of negative interest rates, insurers are looking at risky, yet higher-yielding investments.

SAA’s President & CEO Alton Cogert spoke with Lori Chordas of A.M. BestTV to discuss where insurers are taking on more risks in their investments, as well as other opportunities they might consider in today’s market.

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