SAA Solutions: Sample Case Studies

SAA Solutions helps Pooling organizations and Insurance companies <$25MM in size address their unique investment issues; integrating their pooling/insurance goals and objectives with their investment process. You can find our recent sample case studies here:

Sample Case: Mandate to Reduce Costs

An insurance company ($15M) recently changed its business model, which requires investment expenses to be lowered, while hoping to maintain performance. How can they reduce costs, but potentially maintain their investment performance?

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Sample Case: Investment Process Needs Complete Review

A family run insurance company ($22M) needs to review their Asset Allocation and Investment Policy Statement, but unsure if they have the necessary resources. How can they get these consulting services at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality?

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Sample Case: Accounting Needs Simplifying

An insurer’s current manager provided Schedule D Accounting, but the CEO would prefer accounting be simplified. How can they simplify their accounting (and investment) process, while also reducing cost?

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