Sample Case: Accounting Needs Simplifying

An Insurer’s Current Manager Provided Schedule D Accounting,
But the CEO Would Prefer Accounting & Process Be Simplified

How Can We Simplify Schedule D Accounting and Reduce Costs?

Insurance Company Profile:

  • $60M in Size, but $8M Bond Portfolio
  • CEO Hands Investment Duties; No CFO or CIO on Staff
  • Bond Portfolio Manager Charges 40 bps
  • Focus is on Reducing Cost Where Applicable

SAA Solutions Helps Lower Overall Expenses and Simplifies Various Aspects of the Investment Process

SAA Solutions Would Provide:

  • Access to Pre-Approved Bond Funds via Vanguard Brokerage Services®
    • Allows for Funds to Use Statutory Accounting Similar to Holding a Bond
  • Utilization of Index Funds to Reduce Costs

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*The information provided is meant for demonstrative purposes only. The information does not reflect or represent an actual company or entity.