Sample Case: Investment Process Needs Complete Review

A Family Run Insurance Company ($22M) Needs to Review
Their Asset Allocation and Policy, But Unsure If They Have the Resources

How Can Your Insurer Get These Consulting Services at a Lower Cost, Without Sacrificing Quality?

Insurance Company Profile:

  • Investment Policy Hasn’t Been Reviewed Since 1994
  • Asset Allocation Reviewed Every Handful of Years
  • CEO and Chief Underwriter “Handle” Investments
  • Requested Proposals, But Fees Too High
  • Board has Little to No-Interest in Investment Issues

At a Low Cost, SAA Solutions Offers High-Level Consulting Services For Your Insurer’s Investment Process

SAA Solutions Would Provide:

  • Asset Allocation Review (Every Two Years)
  • Automated Assistance in Policy Generation
  • Low or No-Cost Brokerage Services
  • Quarterly Review Calls with the Board

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*The information provided is meant for demonstrative purposes only. The information does not reflect or represent an actual company or entity.