Sample Case: Mandate to Reduce Costs

An Insurance Company ($15M) Recently Changed Its Business Model,
Which Requires Investment Expenses to Be Lowered, While
Hoping to Maintain Performance

How Can Your Insurer Reduce Costs, But Potentially Maintain Its Investment Performance?

Insurance Company Profile:

  • Maintaining Current Performance is Preferred, But Not Required as Losses Offset by Other Reductions
  • Current Fees for External Investment Services:
    • Advisor – 35 bps
    • Manager – 38 bps
  • CFO Remains on Staff, But Only Executive with Investment Knowledge

SAA Solutions Lowers Cost, While Providing Expertise and Advisement Over the Investment Process

SAA Solutions Would Provide:

  • Detailed Investment Consulting Services
  • Scaled Consulting Services at a Reduced Cost
  • Optimal Recommendations with Low/No-Cost Brokerage
  • Quarterly Review Calls with the Board/Committee

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*The information provided is meant for demonstrative purposes only. The information does not reflect or represent an actual company or entity.