Investment Manager Evaluation

SAA’s approach to manager evaluation, search and selection for Partner Clients is multi-faceted. This process incorporates Investment Manager Reviews using InsurerCIO’s proprietary Manager Select database of managers with fixed income insurance specialization.

1. Initial List

SAA develops an a initial list of investment managers to consider utilizing the Manager Select database and Informa’s Zephyr platform.

Insurance companies planning to conduct a fixed income manager search can utilize Manager Select, on a subscription basis, to curate a list of qualified candidates based on their desired criteria, such as fee schedule, performance, investment process, etc.

2. Questionnaire

A customized, “client specific” supplemental questionnaire is created and distributed to the initial list candidates.

3. Evaluation

SAA evaluates the initial list of managers using propriety and 3rd party tools, as well as questionnaire submissions. Insurance companies that currently have a manager can instead utilize Manager Select to run comprehensive evaluations against competing firms.

Investment manager evaluation requires balancing the “four P’s” and requires both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

People Philosophy Process Performance
  • ● Corporate
  • ● Organization
  • ● Insurance
  • ● Tenure,
    Experience &
    Team Stability
  • ● Compensation
  • ● Succession
  • ● Client Service
  • ● Key
  • ● How
    Add Value
  • ● Bottom Up/
    Top Down
  • ● Competitive
  • ● Clear
  • ● Intuitive
  • ● Repeatable
  • ● Unique
  • ● Methodical
  • ● Risk
  • ● Adjusted for
  • ● Adjusted for
    fees & Taxes
    if applicable
  • ● Consistency
  • ● Rankings vs.
  • ● Consistent w.
    Philosophy &
  • ● Attribution

4. Recommendations

SAA develops a summary presentations of each manager’s responses, including a recommendation for finalists.

5. Interview & Selection

Chosen finalists will be interviewed. After a manager has been selected, final contract and fee negotiations will take place.

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