Why Strategic Asset Alliance?

Insurers of all types, looking for proven solutions, work with Strategic Asset Alliance to successfully improve their investment process and financial results.

Facing increased complexity in fast changing financial markets and pressured by low expected long term returns, insurers are operating in the most challenging business environment in history.

How SAA Makes You Better

o   We Help You Meet Your Objectives, Not Ours

o   We Help You Achieve Your Investment Goals with Different Services,
Customized for Your Company

o   We Bring You an Independent, Unbiased Assessment of Your
Investment Program

o   We Provide Useful and Practical Ideas to the Table Reflecting Our Collective
Experience Working with Peers, SAA Partners and Top Investment Managers

o   We Bring You Insights About Potential Investment Managers that we have
Gleaned Through 20+ Years of Experience Working with These Firms

o   We Bring You Understandable, Transparent Communication Regarding Your
Portfolio and the Financial Markets

o   We Help You Leverage Your Time and Resources by Acting as a
Cost-EffectiveExtension of Your Staff

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