SAA Projects: Summary of Deliverables

In addition to Partner Relationships, SAA also works with insurance companies on a project-basis. You can view our Most Requested Services here.

SAA can individually provide the following services to insurers:

SWOT Analysis | Initial SWOT Analysis of the investment process, providing blueprint and priority ranking for improvement
Asset Allocation | Advice on the current investment asset allocation and risk profiles, subject to current insurance regulations
Benchmarking | Advice on establishing benchmarks for the various investment managers
Portfolio Monitoring | Ongoing monitoring of investment portfolio holdings and risks
Policy Review | Review, consultation and recommendations about the client’s investment policy and guidelines
Manager Evaluation | Review, consultation and recommendations about the performance of the investment managers
Manager Selection | Recommendations and assistance in selecting outside investment managers, when/if necessary.
Performance Reviews | Performance reporting and monthly/quarterly review with management
Peer Analysis | Development of an annual peer group analysis
Ad Hoc Analysis | Ad hoc investment related analysis as necessary

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