February 24

Muni Bonds and Chapter 9: Last Year, We Warned with Help from Mr. Buffett

From the Northwest Quadrant attempts to be an ‘early warning’ blog on issues important to insurance investment professionals. As Harrisburg contemplates bankruptcy under Chapter 9 and a few other municipalities either have declared or are contemplating per the Wall Street Journal, let’s take a look at the Northwest Quadrant blog (still applicable) from March 1,.

February 7

Bank Nationalization According to Clint Eastwood

We’re now hearing from politicos of all stripes about the potential to ‘nationalize’ some large US banks.  Eventually, this may not be called ‘nationalization’ and instead may be called ‘rehabiliation’ or ‘restructuring’ or something similar…in advance of breaking those banks into smaller pieces and re-selling them in the public markets. In such a scenario, we fully expect.

January 29

The Next Weakest Link – China

With the Obama Administration rightly proposing a major fiscal stimulus – and probably not enough – analysts are expecting well over a $1 trillion deficit in this fiscal year…and probably higher in the succeeding year.  The government can print money to fund these deficits, but it would much rather borrow (primarily from Japan and China). .