November 24

Key Questions to Ask Now – Part II

In Part I of this series, we asked several key questions you should be asking now about your insurer’s investment portfolio.  In Part II, we conclude with key questions that go beyond the greatest investment challenge faced by insurers in thirty years (low rates for longer):   Should the change be strategic or tactical? Let’s.

November 14

Key Questions to Ask Now – Part I

The old saying goes that it is better to know what the question is than the answer.  Perhaps this is the best way to go about investing when interest rates are at historic lows and worldwide central banks are busy pumping up the money supply with no end in sight. With that in mind, here.

August 14

Uncertain Times Not So Much, with a Solid Investment Process

The other day, we were meeting with an insurance company Board of Directors discussing the company’s portfolio. “Why don’t we just get the best yield?” said one Director.  “How about we just get an investment manager that will get us the best return?  Or, just always beat our benchmark?” said another Director. Those were all.

June 1

Financial Repression: Taking a Bite Out of Our Portfolio Yield

Back in the 1980s, we were introduced to a crime fighting dog named McGruff, who famously used the tag line ‘take a bite out of crime.’ What has that got to do with investing?  Consider… The yield on the US 10 Year Treasury has sunk below 1.5% for the first time, as one wag put.