October 7

How Do Insurers Set Risk Asset Allocations?

By Alton Cogert All insurers face problems, some similar to other insurers and some unique to a given insurer. However, it is the problem of low rates for longer that is truly driving CEOs, CFOs and CIOs up the proverbial wall. With that in mind, we’ve seen an increasing number of articles, presentations and various.

June 1

Don’t Get Your BCAR in an Uproar

By Alton Cogert There are Big Changes coming for your AM Best rating. AM Best continues in their efforts to improve the rating process.  Yes, I know insurers have misgivings about whatever Best may do or have planned.  I also know that insurers will probably only state those as part of a group, in order.

March 2

Who Doesn’t Want to Know How They Compare to Their Peers?

Improving Investment Results: Keep an Eye on Your Peers By Alton Cogert Who doesn’t want to know how they compare to their peers? From ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ to ‘I’m better than you,’ there are many ways of expressing this sentiment in everyday life. Of course, insurers are known as long term, conservative investors.

January 4

A Bad Year for Jed Clampett Means an Unpredictable New Year for You

FROM THE NORTHWEST QUADRANT By Alton Cogert You remember Jed, don’t you?  The head of the once famous TV comedy of the 1960s, The Beverly Hillbillies?  Well, if you don’t, maybe you’ll remember this opening sequence: Of course, Jed’s good fortune in the show’s opening was all about finding oil. However, with oil prices having.