July 7

Your Asset Allocation Model is Wrong!

By Alton Cogert | acogert@saai.com But, that’s OK, because so is ours. You see, British statistician George Box put it best when he wrote in 1976, “All models are wrong, some are useful.” Of course, this has huge implications for your company’s investment strategy, to say nothing about even more encompassing issues such as enterprise.

June 16

What We Learned From Our A.M. Best and NAIC Panel

By Alton Cogert | acogert@saai.com On March 30, 2017, SAA’s Insurer Investment Forum XVII presented a very unique investment session, where Ed Toy, Managing Director, NAIC Capital Markets Bureau and Stefan Holzberger, Chief Rating Officer, AM Best, answered several different questions. Here are a few of the highlights: On Enterprise Risk Management: AM Best has.

February 13

Uncertain Times Squared:
The Future of Investing for Insurers

By Alton Cogert | acogert@saai.com When thinking about the future, let alone the future of investing for insurers, it is easy to either be very expansive or too limiting. Does one look at what developments might occur over the next thirty plus years, speculating on an increasingly faster changing, more complex future? Or, does one.