August 1

Regime Change and Your Investment Portfolio

By Alton Cogert | This is not a blog entry about how the current government of (fill in the name of a country) has changed. In fact, I will attempt to steer as clear from political commentary as possible, although actions by political actors can indeed impact financial markets, both positively and negatively. Instead,.

February 13

Not Another Investment Conference!

By Alton Cogert | The past: With very calm financial markets and interest rates still hovering at historically low levels, there is no reason to attend an investment conference. We all know insurers are in business to write insurance and therefore a lot less attention needs to be focused on investments. As long as.

January 2

Happy (and Not So Happy) New Year Changes

By Alton Cogert | Happy New Year! As 2018 dawns, insurers face some rather interesting changes, real or potential, that can cause a slight rethinking of investment strategies. And, of course, these will not apply to all insurers, or all insurers in the same way. So, please remember to always contact a professional before.