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Insurer Investment Consultant

Alton Cogert,
President & CEO

Mr. Cogert can answer all your investment-related questions and detail how SAA can help your insurance company.

Board Members & Trustees: Onboarding & Education

Board Member and Trustee turnover continues to be a growing concern within the insurance industry and pooling space. To help clients address this issue, SAA assists with the onboarding process by providing education on their investment responsibilites and the structure of the organization's investment process. SAA also provides ongoing education to strengthen the Board/Committee's knowledge and understanding of current trends and the overall investment program.

Board/Committee Turnover & Onboarding

Responsibilities Overview:
SAA will help new Trustees properly understand their investment duties for the pool and common errors other Trustees make.

Initial Trainings:
We provide overviews aimed to help Trustees interpret their performance reports & presentations, as well as understand how the investment process is currently structured (and why).

Resources & Reference Sheets:
SAA has developed a series of white papers, glossaries, and presentation materials that new Trustees can reference as they become more familiar with concepts, terminology, etc.

Ongoing Board/Committee Education

Education Library:
SAA maintains a resource center of primers, explainers, and glossaries to help trustees independently strengthen their understanding.

Periodic Education Sessions & Trainings:
We provide ‘refresher’ sessions, as well as reviews of new strategies and trends clients should be aware of.

Case Studies:
SAA maintains a library of interactive case studies based on real client experiences (presented by request).

Insurer Investment Forum & Pools Seminar:
SAA hosts an annual investment conference that focuses on all types of insurers and risk pools, consisting of case studies, panels, etc.

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