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AM Best
“The rationale behind CLOs as an investment class is simple—higher yields than similarly rated corporate bonds. The reasons for the higher yields include the complexity of the investment—think of 100 corporate bank loans bundled into one package—and lost liquidity compared to a bond.”

- "CLOs on Rise in Life Insurance Asset Management" | Best's Review | Read Here

AM Best
“While we have written about AI and its implications for captive insurers, this is the first time we have looked specifically at how it affects asset management.”

- "Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Asset Management" | | Read Here

AM Best
“The biggest headline is uncertainty...The next biggest headline in the U.S. is the potential for even lower—and possibly negative—rates. Those are the key things that hang over us.”

- "A Fog of Uncertainty" | Jeff Roberts | Best's Review | Part I | Part II

AM Best
“The rise in factor investing is the ongoing case of insurers looking for ways to improve the risk-reward profile of their investment portfolios...They’re always looking for possibilities."

- "Finding the It Factor" | Jeff Roberts | Best's Review | Click Here to Read

“From an investment performance standpoint, and it’s not just in 2017 but over the last three years, virtually every asset class except for some commodities and oil- related classes has seen a level of return."

- "Mixing It Up to Reap the Rewards" | Christopher Munro | Reactions Magazine | Read Here

AM Best
"Wait. Time out. What’s the most important stuff here? That is something that, hopefully, your consultant can provide.”

- "External Forces" | Tim Dobbyn, Best's Review | Click Here to Read

“The continuing low interest rate environment, including negative yields in some markets, has insurance asset managers exploring a range of higher-yielding but riskier investments."

- "Manage Risks on Both Sides of Insurers' Balance Sheets" | Lori Chordas | A.M. BestTV

“It’s no secret that investment consultants have established an important presence in the field of insurance asset management, driven by the after-effects of the financial crisis and the extra pressure put on insurance companies to keep a closer eye on their investment portfolios."

- "Advising On Insurance Assets" | Alex McCallum | Reactions Magazine | Click Here to Read

AM Best
“Corporate bond investors for life or property/casualty insurers have a lot on their minds these days. Among their concerns are overall declines in credit quality, lessening liquidity and the impact of potential National Association of Insurance Commissioners rating changes.”

- "Making the Right Choice: Insurers & Corporate Bonds" | Best's Review | Click Here to Read

AM Best
“Although many times less than the most optimal choice, investment managers who currently work with an insurer do have the inside track in gaining other specialty mandates. In fact, truth to tell, this is part and parcel of the business strategy of many CFI (core fixed income) investment managers.”

- "Reaching Beyond Bonds" | Best's Review | Click Here to Read

“'It’s not conservative,” said Alton Cogert, chief executive officer of Strategic Asset Alliance, a company that consults with insurance companies on their investment portfolios. Still, such an allocation could be “reasonable” because James River’s surplus, or assets minus liabilities, is sufficient to cushion losses, he said.”

- "Uber’s Insurer Says It’s No Hedge Fund, Just Bets on Junk" | Noah Buhayar | Click Here to Read

Insurance Investment Consulting
“One thing insurers are doing to varying degrees is taking a look at more risky asset classes. Another thing is diversification because for the most part insurance portfolios by design are sub-optimally diversified. This is because the first thing an insurer has to do is pay claims and back up the reserves. That usually means a core fixed income strategy.”

- “Insurers Reassess Investment Strategies in Challenging Climate” | IFI | Click Here to Read

“Nowadays, it’s so hard to get compensated for taking risk, it’s crazy.”

- "Insatiable Insurers Seen by Goldman Draining Debt Premium" | Zach Tracer | Click Here to Read

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