Investment Consulting Services RFP (Template)

Whether your insurer or risk pool is conducting an investment consultant search for fiduciary reasons or to improve the overall investment process, it is important the distributed RFP is structured to meet the needs of your organization.

An appropriately structured RFP will ensure your organization receives the responses and information necessary to make a well-informed decision.

This includes providing a timeline, clearly detailing the services your company needs, and asking questions that will effectively illustrate the capabilities of participating firms.

It is also important questions are tailored for the insurance & risk pooling industries and does not confuse the services provided by investment consultants with the services provided by investment management firms.​

As a resource for your company, SAA has developed a complimentary ‘best practices’ Investment Consulting Services RFP template for your use.

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This document is only intended for institutional investors, such as insurers and government risk pools, and meant for sample/demonstrative purposes only. Always contact a professional before making any investment-related decision.