Most Requested Services

In addition to providing our complete suite of services to Partner Clients, SAA offers its investment consulting services on a project-basis. Below are SAA’s “Most Requested Services.”

SAA can individually provide the following services to insurers and risk pools:

Service Description
Investment Policy ‘Best Practices’ Review Peace of mind that policy is most appropriate for insurer or pool. Protection from problems experienced by others in the industry.
Strategic Asset Allocation Improved bottom line from allocation balanced with sound risk management. Achievement of set of decisions crucial to improve financial performance.
Peer Group Analysis Investment decisions linked to bottom line results. Develop optional strategies for consideration.
Portfolio Benchmarking Manager behavior is focused to match corporate goals. Strategic asset allocation reflected in benchmarks.
Investment Manager Search and Evaluation Utilize proprietary database of specialized investment managers. Access to unique knowledge of external and internal investment management process.
Portfolio Monitoring Benefit from proprietary ‘early warning’ tools. Improved portfolio management using a proactive, cooperative approach.
Performance Measurement Understand the ‘whys’ behind performance. Measure portfolio performance from the perspective of required income, benchmark, risk adjusted, after tax and after fee returns.
Quarterly Investment Review How are we doing? How can we do better? Where are the potential problems?
SWOT Analysis
Development of a blueprint and prioritization of how and where to improve the investment process.
Fiduciary and Governance Review
‘Wellness check’ of investment process or strategy. Peace of mind for Board that existing structure and process is appropriate.
Board/Committee Education
Improved understanding of the insurer/risk pool’s investment process for the Board and staff.
Rating Agency Consulting
Improved rating agency results.
Dynamic Financial Analysis
Focus on your company’s key measures of performance. Develop a customized analysis that simultaneously considers both sides of the balance sheet, etc.
Portfolio Credit Review
What is the probability distribution of credit losses? Which securities are the greatest contributors to expected loss distributions.
OTTI Review
Which securities are most likely to become impairment problems in the future? What is the distribution of expected impairment?

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