Performance Measurement & Analysis

SAA will help your insurer or pool understand the ‘whys?’ behind performance and review your portfolio from the perspective of required income, benchmark, risk adjusted, after tax and after fee returns.

Where Does Your Company Fall on this Objective Continuum and Why?

  • If book income is the goal, this should be factored into the analysis of performance.
  • Performance should be adjusted for risk, fees and taxes if applicable.
  • Performance should be analyzed to determine why the portfolio performed as it did (attribution analysis)
  • Trends over short and long term periods are important – is the manager and overall portfolio performing as expected?
  • Comparisons with peers is important especially in the context of the overall business.

To streamline the performance measurement process, we utilize our proprietary analytical platform InsurerCIO.

InsurerCIO generates in-depth reports and analyses, ranging from asset allocation to OTTI, to correctly review your portfolio and measure your manager’s performance.

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