September 10, 2020

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – Strategic Asset Alliance has launched InsurerCIO’s Education Library, an investment resource center for insurance companies to learn the essential elements of investing.

The library guides all staff, board members, and executive management through various foundational concepts to better understand the importance and process of an insurer or risk pool’s overall investment program.

Investments can be complicated. InsurerCIO’s Education Library provides an easy-to-understand review of key investment terms & concepts and explains why these concepts are specifically important to insurance companies.

All resources within InsurerCIO’s Education Library are entirely complimentary and can be accessed at

Topics covered within the Education Library are: Governance, Asset Allocation, Investment Policy, Peer Group Analysis, Investment Management and Performance Reporting – answering questions such as, “what assets do insurers use and why?” and “what do these terms mean and what do they tell us?”

For more information about the Education Library, InsurerCIO or Strategic Asset Alliance, contact Eriver Eugenio at (360) 255-2500 ext. 102 or


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