SAA Solutions: How Does It Help Our Investments?

SAA Solutions provides insurance companies and governmental risk pools with an investment portfolio <$25MM with expertise and services similar those utilized by much larger companies.

SAA Solutions’ one-stop solution and platform will do the following:

Strategic Asset Allocation Analysis

SAA Solutions allows you to easily test and set your portfolio’s asset allocation.

SAA’s consultants will also provide advice on the current investment asset allocation and risk profiles, subject to current insurance regulations, every two years or as material business changes occur.

Investment Policy Generation

SAA Solutions provides an easy-to-use tool to generate and update your company’s Investment Policy, while implementing “Best Practices.”

Performance Monitoring

All performance reporting and monitoring of the portfolio will be automatically generated for your insurer or risk pool’s review.

Ongoing monitoring of investment portfolio holdings and risks will be based upon recommended benchmarks.

Quarterly Review Call

Every quarter, SAA’s Principals will provide a review and analysis of your portfolio’s quarterly performance with the Board, Investment Committee and/or senior management via conference call.

SAA will provide answers to your questions and help improve your insurer or pool’s Board members, executives and staff better understand the investment process.

Quarterly Trade Execution

SAA executes quarterly trades via Vanguard Brokerage Services®, as necessary, to re-balance portfolio if outside of policy limits:

SAA notifies client up to one week in advance of pending trades. SAA will execute trades unless client intervenes.


Client provides written approval of SAA recommended rebalancing trades. SAA executes trades after approval.

Meet Our Principals

Dan Smereck,
Managing Director

Mr. Smereck has 25+ years of experience in investing for insurers and risk pools.

How Do We Get Started?

SAA Solutions provides a cost-effective platform that allows your risk pool or insurer to easily manage the investment process, while receiving expertise from SAA’s senior consultants.