SAA Solutions: Sample Case Studies

SAA Solutions helps Pooling organizations and Insurance companies <$25MM in size address their unique investment issues; integrating their pooling/insurance goals and objectives with their investment process. You can find our recent sample case studies here:

Sample Case: Mandate to Reduce Costs

An insurance company ($15M) recently changed its business model, which requires investment expenses to be lowered, while hoping to maintain performance. How can they reduce costs, but potentially maintain their investment performance?

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Sample Case: Lack of Pool Investment Data

Peer data for Gov’t Risk Pools are not easily accessible. Thus, peer analysis can be difficult to develop and evaluate. How can pools compare their organization directly with other pools, and in turn integrate into the investment process?

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Sample Case: Investment Process Needs Complete Review

A family run insurance company ($22M) needs to review their Asset Allocation and Investment Policy Statement, but unsure if they have the necessary resources. How can they get these consulting services at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality?

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Sample Case: Accounting Needs Simplifying

An insurer’s current manager provided Schedule D Accounting, but the CEO would prefer accounting be simplified. How can they simplify their accounting (and investment) process, while also reducing cost?

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