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Regime Change and Your Investment Portfolio

August 1, 2018

Are financial markets undergoing a regime change? Will tariffs with China and other trading partners mean a completely different set of risks, expected returns, and correlations? And how can the failure of diversification impact this?

Featured PostNot Another Investment Conference!
February 15, 2018

Where we are today: Every few weeks brings a new challenge to our insurance clients.

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Happy (and Not So Happy) New Year Changes for Insurer Investments
January 3, 2018

As 2018 dawns, insurers face some rather interesting changes, real or potential, that can cause a slight rethinking of investment strategies. Read More…

Your Asset Allocation Model is Wrong!
July 11, 2017

But, that’s OK, because so is ours. If your asset allocation model is wrong, your company is its own worst enemy since you can be producing much better investment results…you just may not know it. Read More…

What We Learned From Our A.M. Best and NAIC Panel
June 19, 2017

SAA’s Insurer Investment Forum presented a unique session, where Ed Toy, NAIC and Stefan Holzberger, AM Best, answered several different questions. Read More…

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