SAA Project Services: Summary of Deliverables

In addition to providing our complete suite of services to Partner Clients, SAA offers its investment consulting services on a project-basis to insurers and risk pools.

SAA can individually provide the following services to insurers and risk pools:

Asset Allocation Analysis
SAA reviews the impact of different allocations and models various asset class combinations that are tied to the overall insurance business.
Investment Policy Review
SAA reviews the organization’s investment policy to ensure it encompasses the ‘best practices’ and provides protection from problems experienced by others in the industry.
Peer Group Analysis
SAA conducts a peer group analysis to compare your insurer or risk pools’ portfolio composition and structure to similar organizations. This helps develop optional strategies for consideration.
Manager Search & Evaluation
SAA will help select and evaluate the firms managing your company’s fixed income and risk asset portfolios.
Portfolio Monitoring
SAA monitors your portfolio beyond performance and reviews compliance, OTTI impairment, stress tests, etc.
Performance Measurement
SAA will review your portfolio from the perspective of required income, benchmarks, risk-adjustments, and after taxes/fees.
Governance Review
SAA conducts a ‘Wellness check’ of investment process to ensure that the existing structure and process is appropriate for your company’s goals and objectives.
Board Education
SAA will conduct educational sessions reviewing new asset classes, basic concepts, etc. SAA can also conduct case study sessions based on our firm’s experiences.
SWOT Analysis
Looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the investment program, SAA develops of a blueprint for how and where to improve the investment process.
Portfolio Benchmarking
SAA develops a custom benchmark for your portfolio to ensure manager performance and behavior complies with your organization’s objectives.
Rating Agency Consulting
SAA will assist and prepare your insurer for any investment-related inquiries prompted by rating agencies.
Portfolio Credit Review
SAA will assess the distribution of potential credit losses in the portfolio.

Meet Our Principals

Alton Cogert, CFA, CPA, CAIA, CGMA
President & CEO

Mr. Cogert founded SAA in 1994. Previously, he has served as a technical advisor to the NAIC Invested Assets Working Group and was a former chairman of the Investment Committee of the National Alliance of Life Companies.

Meet Our Principals

Dan Smereck,
Managing Director & Principal

Mr. Smereck has 25+ years of experience in investing for insurers and risk pools. Prior to joining SAA, Mr. Smereck was SVP and Chief Investment/Information Officer for a large, regional medical malpractice insurer.

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