Why Insurance Companies and Risk Pools Use an Investment Consultant

While every insurance company and governmental risk pool’s investment program has specific attributes and needs, an investment consultant can help improve their process in various areas. There are several important reasons an insurance company or pooling organization may utilize an investment consultant as part of their investment program, including:

No Chief Investment Officer on Staff

  • Investment Consultants can act as a cost-effective, external CIO
  • Investment expertise and knowledge can be outsourced

Assistance in Evaluating and Selecting a Manager

  • Ensuring the current manager is adhering to the client’s goals & objectives
  • Evaluation of the manager’s performance
  • Guidance in selecting the right investment manager
  • Assistance in final contract and fee negotiations

Strengthening of the Overall Investment Program/Strategy

  • Advisement on the strengths and weakness of the investment process
  • Ensure the ‘best practices’ are being implemented
  • Continued monitoring and evaluation of the portfolio and manager
  • Help in understanding the ‘whys’ behind performance
  • Improving bottom line from allocation and sound risk management

SAA believes that several key attributes are very important for clients to consider when selecting an investment consulting partner. In general, the decision revolves around the experience and judgement brought to the table by the senior professionals with who you will be working with.

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