How SAA Will Work With Your Insurance Company

SAA helps clients evaluate and improve its investment process in several ways. Insurance companies that retain SAA as a consultant receive the following services:

1. SAA completes a SWOT analysis on your Investment Process Value
Chain to help prioritize work and identify any critical areas of concern that
need to be addressed immediately. View Sample

2. SAA conducts a strategic asset allocation analysis to determine the most
appropriate asset mix using allocation software, financial projections
and the results of your peer analysis.

3. SAA conducts a search to evaluate and select the best fixed
income investment manager and negotiates the most favorable fee
arrangement with this manager.

4. SAA assists in the selection of an independent asset custodian and the
transition to the selected vendor.

5. SAA recommends the most appropriate ETFs/funds to implement the
recommended risk asset allocation.

6. SAA develops the most appropriate benchmarks to measure the fixed
income and equity investments.

7. SAA incorporates approved changes into your investment policy and
recommends other “best practices” changes for this document.

8. SAA develops customized quarterly reports and portfolio monitoring
to enable your to keep well informed on its investment portfolio
and the effectiveness, from a risk adjusted basis, of its external managers.

9. SAA presents to your Board/Committee, as necessary.

10. Most importantly, SAA acts as an independent resource that should be
viewed as an extension of your staff.

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