Insurer Investment Q&As

SAA periodically speaks with expert investment managers to discuss the latest issues and trends affecting insurance company and risk pooling investments.

How Should Insurers Respond to Rising Rates and High Inflation?

We spoke with Income Research + Management to discuss the current investment environment insurers and risk pools are facing and areas they can find potential opportunities.

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Duration and Credit Quality: Where Can Insurers Find Opportunity in the Bond Market Amid Recent Volatility?

We spoke with New England Asset Management to discuss how insurers can approach their bond portfolios, via duration and credit quality positions, as a means of navigating the current investment environment.

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Spread Products as a Tool to Achieve Diversification and Mitigate Inflation

We spoke with Manulife Investment Management to discuss how insurers might be able to utilize spread products as a way to navigate their bond portfolios through the current investment environment.

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Insurer Investments: Safety, Alpha, Excess Yield in the Current Environment

We spoke with Belle Haven Investments to discuss the Fed and how its recent decisions have affected the Bond market, areas in the fixed income space to find diversification, and areas of concerns .

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Insurer Investment Forum XXIII

Insurer Investment Forum March 29 - 30, 2023
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