Insurer Investment Q&As

SAA periodically speaks with expert investment managers to discuss the latest issues and trends affecting insurance company and risk pooling investments.

Risk Pools & Asset Allocation Modeling: Higher Reinsurance Costs

We spoke with AAM - Insurance Investment Management to discuss how risk pools may benefit from reviewing the current asset allocation of their portfolio amid higher reinsurance costs and lower fixed income yields for the foreseeable future.

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Effect of Inflation on Core Fixed Income Portfolios

We spoke with Income Research + Management to discuss core fixed income portfolios may be affected by inflation changes, including specific risks to insurers and risk pools.

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Taper Tantrum: How Concerned Should Insurers & Risk Pools Be?

We spoke with Mellon to discuss how concerned insurers and risk pools should be about a potential taper tantrum and if there are any changes they should make to portfolio durations and/or allocations?

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Insurer Investment Forum XXII

Insurer Investment Forum March 23-24, 2022
Virtual Conference
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