Insurer Investment Q&As

SAA periodically speaks with expert investment managers to discuss the latest issues and trends affecting insurance company and risk pooling investments.

Private Credit: Are its (Potential) Benefits Accessible to Insurers and Risk Pools?

We spoke with Capital Dynamics for an overview of Private Credit, it's potential benefits to insurers and risk pools, the current state of the asset class, and possible ways to access to it.

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Risk Pool Investment Considerations for the Near Term (2nd Half - 2023)

We spoke with AAM to discuss where gov't risk pools' short-term focus should be as they review their investment portfolios. This includes what to communicate to their investment manager and balancing the short-term strategies vs. the long-term organizational perspective.

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The Case for High Yield in Insurance Company Portfolios: 2H23 & 2024

We spoke with Muzinich & Co. for an update on the high-yield bond market, trends in the asset class for insurers, what insurance companies might want to consider when allocating to the asset class, as well as expecations into 2024.

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Banking, CMBS Stressors Impacting Insurer Investments

We spoke with Income Research + Management to discuss how the commercial real estate (CRE) market has been the latest sector to come under the microscope, as well as how insurance companies might be able to navigate the pressures facing this market.

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Cash Management for Insurance Companies & Gov't Risk Pools in the Wake of Recent Banking Failures

We spoke with UMB Bank to discuss what insurance companies and governmental risk pools should be mindful of when it comes to their cash management as banking issues continue to playout and/or unwind.

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Economic Impact: Repeal of Student Loan Forgiveness and Resumption of Payments

We spoke with New England Asset Management to review and discuss the implications for the consumer and the economy, as well as long-term effects that insurance companies should be mindful of.

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Insurer Investment Forum XXIII

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