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Mutual Enterprise Risk Management: Shifting Investment Positions Amidst Growing Mutual Premiums

As part of NAMIC's 2023 webinar series, we collaborated with New England Asset Management to review how the investment portfolio may be integrated as part a mutual’s enterprise risk, the effect the (expected) investment landscape may have on premiums, and how mutuals can shift their thinking of investments in response to these growing concerns.

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Nathan Simon, Director, Strategic Asset Alliance

Chris Myers, CFA, FRM, Enterprise Capital Strategist, New England Asset Management

Mutual insurance companies’ enterprise risk management consists of several key considerations, including the investment portfolio, which supports the mutual’s underlying business. Currently, mutuals are seeing their premiums grow, while [potential] investment market values are seeing decreases. As such, mutuals have had to rethink their investment portfolios and their role for the enterprise. Some mutual have only needed to consider subtle shifts to the portfolio structure while others’ considerations been dramatic, such as allocating toward more “esoteric” asset classes.