2016 Investment Seminar for Gov't Risk Pools

This event is tailored specifically for governmental risk pools. It will be educational, answering your questions from the basics through what the most important investment issues for pools are today.

November 14-15, 2016
Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
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Manager Select: Search. Compare. Decide.

Manager Select is an extensive database providing in-depth detail on the investment process and performance of investment managers with insurance specialization. Insurance companies can review each manager, search for managers based on select criteria and independently compare managers among one another using the same information SAA utilizes.

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Actionable Intelligence

InsurerCIO provides an easy-to-use platform for insurers to develop in-depth reports and analysis of their portfolio. By providing actionable intelligence with our investment reporting analyses, insurers can discover new ways to look at their portfolio, while also finding new questions to ask that will lead to better financial results.

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View From The Northwest Quadrant

Improved return with lower risk. That is SAA's approach to improving the investment process, and with it the financial results, of our insurer clients, which goes well beyond the typical efficient frontier risk/reward graphing. Our blog provides an ongoing commentary on how INSURERS can go beyond the business as usual approach to investments and improve their financial results.

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Manager Select:<br>Review & Compare Investment Managers

Manager Select:
Review & Compare Investment Managers

Case Study: Which Investment Manager is Best

Case Study: Which Investment Manager is Best

How Can You Calculate Your Manager's Risk Adjusted Performance?

How Can You Calculate Your Manager's Risk Adjusted Performance?